Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This is the place to nominate restaurants.

We will have to decide pretty soon because we need to make a reservation.

If you have some ideas for a great restaurant in Chelsea near GTS please let us know!

Spam, Spam, Spam, Eggs, Beans and Spam?


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

There is an absolutely delightful French Restaurant in Chelsea - on 8th and 21st I think. Great food. Inexpensive. Good service. Peasant ambiance.

Since the Brits hate the French more than some Republican Americans, I think this is a perfect choice.

My Vestry had dinner there the Friday night of our retreat in February. I'll get the name.

eileen said...

Sounds fab to me.

My requirement is food - anything but raw fish, and even that I would try, if not enjoy.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Elizabeth your suggestion sounds great. I love the "peasant ambience". Go for it.

Allen said...

I too vote for Elizabeth's recommendation.

Dennis said...

great idea.

QueerforChrist said...

That place looks like fun! We always wanted to try it.

Is anyone else having issues getting onto MP's website? Do you think he's blocked me? I feel cold and alone in the dark without him.

Grandmère Mimi said...

QFC, MP could have blocked you. He's mean that way sometimes.

pj said...

Delightful French restaurant? Sold!

(Dennis asked me if I could think of any restaurants and I kept putting it off. Now I can weasel out.)


QueerforChrist said...


I have done some reconnoitering around the neighborhood and here's what I found out.

First, sadly it appears there is no room in the GTS inn on the 22nd. The Seminary Board of Trustees will have just vacated and I am told it takes at least 24 hours to clean up after them. With only one maintenance and housekeeping person doing the work, it is not likely they will be ready.

Second, more disappointment on the lodging front. Leo House, the Catholic guest house around the corner, is fully booked on that date also, though they did say to call if you want, to see if there are any cancellations. Their number is 212) 929-1010.

The good news is that I stopped by Le Grainne Cafe (which I think is the place Rev K recommended, but it's on 9th not 8th) can probably accommodate us, so long as we give them a count 3-4 days in advance. Their entree prices range from $10 to $18, very reasonable for this neighborhood. They have salads, sandwiches and crepes that are less expensive. Also they are very friendly and French. What more could one want?

Dennis said...

Queer for Christ gets my nomination for OCICBW... blogger of the week!

Thanks for the doing the footwork. Much appreciated!

QueerforChrist said...

I would accept the nomination if I had been the bearer of better news!

One glimmer of small hope is that the new Tutu Conference Center may have rooms ready by Oct. 22. I would not count on this being the case, as construction is behind, but you can call them at 212-243-5150 ext. 411.

Jake said...

I walked by Le Grainne Cafe last Monday, and took a look. I thought at the time that it would be a good place for this event. It's right across the street from General.

It is rather small. Reservations would be essential.

Need to get this straight...coffee, Evensong, and then dinner, right? Evensong is at 5:30.

If so, to meet up just for coffee, there's a diner kind of place, the Chelsea Square Restaurant, which I think is on 22nd and 9th, which might be ok for that. Then, on to Le Graine later for dinner.

fleurmagnifique said...

Chelsea Square restaurant is at 23rd St. and 9th Ave. Moonstruck across the street, assuming it's still there, is also a diner sort of place, actually moreso than Chelsea Square (has booths)and has more space for a private gathering than Chelsea Square. Also same side of 9th Ave as GTS and you might not need reservations. Not big on atmosphere or fine dining though (but you just want coffee there?), otherwise fairly pleasant.