Monday, September 17, 2007

RSVP HERE for the gathering in October

Friends of MadPriest and Of Course I Could Be Wrong are invited to join up in New York City on Monday night, October 22nd.

We will gather about 4 or 4.30pm for a cup of coffee, tea or a soda at a place to-be-announced near General Theological Seminary in Chelsea.

From there we will wander down the street to the seminary chapel for Evensong at 5.30pm.

And then we will head up the street to a restaurant in the neighborhood for dinner and drinks.

We've spent the past few days discussing it on each other's blogs. Which is getting confusing.

So, to solve that, please RSVP here.


Elizabeth Kaeton said...

I'm so there! Count me in.

Mimi has first dibs on the guest room in the rectory, but if anyone else is coming in from out of town, you can have the eurobed in the family room here.

There's also the option of taking a room at GTS - very inexpensive, as I recall ($40 per night, I'm thinking and that was just last year.)

I'm really looking forward to meeting y'all.

Oh, and as I mentioned over at WB -I think we ought to make a cardboard cutout of The Mad One and carry him with us wherever we go in NYC.

Here's the deal, however: I get to take him home to NJ at night, however. He'll be sleeping in my bed, thank you very much.

(Oh, eat your heart out, Maddy).

Did I mention that I am so psyched that we are doing this?

Someone make sure to bring a camera. This is one for the books.

Woo hoo!

QueerforChrist said...

My partner Gabe (a Junior at General) and I will be there with bells on! Thanks for organizing this! How fun.

johnieb said...

Me, me!

Dennis said...


Since you are in the area, any suggestions for the first place we gather? We need a spot where 15 or 20 can meet and greet and such and stand around and talk for thirty or forty minutes before we go to Evensong and then dinner.

What do you think?

PseudoPiskie said...

I will come over on Sunday and stay the night with a friend in Cranbury but I'd love a place to stay Monday night where I can bring my car. I have to be in Pittsburgh for a rehearsal early Tuesday evening and would prefer not to have to take the train alone to Cranbury after the party.

This is so exciting. And as you all know if you read my blog, I take my camera everywhere - as long as I remember it and can find the battery charger. (Getting old is such fun. At least it provides an excuse. ha)

QueerforChrist said...


Happy to try to help with this. It may be that we can arrange something. Let me get back to you in the next couple of days.

klady said...

I'm coming into JFK late Saturday morning and will be staying in lower Manhattan until Tuesday (wish I had known about options like GTC, but oh well). It's a single room, so I'm afraid there won't be room in my bed for MP -- I wouldn't fight you for him anyway, Elizabeth.

Don't know about the photos. Maybe I'll be the one holding the camera.

Sounds like fun, in any event. I'm trying to compile my mental list of things I've wanted to do in NYC since my last visit. Nice to schedule a much needed break from work and get to see some of you as well.

Nicholodeon said...

Aw I can't make it as won't have enough vacation time accrued that early in the year.

But! What if 'Anonymous' shows up?

PseudoPiskie said...

If Anonymous(es) show up and hang around s/he will be converted. There is no way a person with a sour attitude can endure this gang without learning to laugh.

Eileen said...

Pseudo -

I'd meet you in Cranbury and take the train in with you.

I don't want to drive into the city and I don't want to take the train back to NJ at night by myself either.

PseudoPiskie said...

Good idea, Eileen. We'll chat later.

pj said...

Aw! I'll be taking the train back to White Plains at night by myself! Unless I can wrestle the cardboard cutout of MP from Elizabeth. Cuddly.

Now, who can I hide behind at Evensong? Because (a) I won't know what's happening and (b) I'm scared some deceased relative will materialize and start scolding me in Yiddish.

I'm only semi-not-serious, here.

klady said...

Never fear, PJ. If it's like our Evensongs there will be no one to hide behind but the choir, though I would hope that between us and the regulars, there will be more of a crowd. But in any event, we're not talking High Mass with a Eucharist -- it's chanting in Latin or English, including psalms. Last bat mitzvah I attended had a lot of chanting. Let's hope our crowd won't start throwing candy.

Seriously, there's much in the Anglican tradition that is rooted in music and song, and some attend these kinds of services just for the performance. Don't know who usually attends or how it is done at GTC, but I would imagine that there is no more reason to feel uncomfortable than if you walked into a cathedral in Europe -- probably less, and besides we all will be there with you (what could be less scary than that!).

Anyone know the particulars of what GTC Evensong is like? Dennis, did you say it was only 30 minutes? Ours run about 45 or so but that's with full choir and musical pieces for the Magnificat, Nunc, etc.

Dennis said...

I'll call GTS and ask. After looking at the website I had the idea that it lasts about 30 min. But I can't find where I got that idea.

toujoursdan said...

Count me in too! I work about a mile from GTS when I am in the city.

I am totally psyched too!

Dennis said...


this will be quite a night.

pj said...

Thanks, Klady. I guess I can manage to "blend," then.

Hmmm. Maybe we should warn the folks at GTS to be afraid... be very afraid.

eileen said...


Now I just have to get "released" to get there.

I need to blend truth and commit the sin of omission.

My husband thinks you are all a bunch of sex crazed, perverted men stalking me.

Little does he know most of you are gay and could careless about me because a) I'm a girl or b) I'm a straight girl or c) you're married or d) all of the above.

I must cogitate a work/church related reason to be in the city in the evening.

Pray for me.

PseudoPiskie said...

He only worries about the boys, Eileen?

David said...

Eileen said, "My husband thinks you are all a bunch of sex crazed, perverted men stalking me."

Well, no... I won't be there ;->

But you and pj be sure to pass out lots of hugs to folks for me (I AM a Southerner, after all - we're annoyingly touchy feely that way)

eileen said...

Yeah, Pseudo..he's stupid that way.

He doesn't realize what a HOT catch I'd make as a partner! (It's inconceivable to him! LOL)

David - Haven't I ever told you I have space/boundary issues? I'm only moderately touchy feely.

OK, OK, I'm an "I" for goodness sake - I'm marginally touch challenged - I grew up in an Irish Catholic culture - stiff up lip and arms and all that.

I'll pass out as many hugs as I can, comfortably.

pj said...

No armadillo? Boo. :(

Eileen, I cannot even begin to explain this outing to my husband without him looking at me like I've got three heads. I mean, he wouldn't have a problem with any of you -- he'd just be like, "who? what? where? why? since when?" I may blame the whole thing on grad school and leave it at that.

Marriage. It's weird. Good luck, hon. Can't wait to meet you!

David said...

Eileen said, "I'll pass out as many hugs as I can, comfortably."

That's OK dear, just do the best you can. I'll trust pj and others to take up the slack ;)

PseudoPiskie said...

All the photos will be of people's backs with two heads, one front and one back? 8>)

klady said...

Well, my husband thinks that anything to get me out of the house and away from the computer is a good thing. Whatever qualms he had about my online wanderings were considerably lessened by the fact that they once got us a discount on a cruise (upgrade to nice balcony room) because of my work on an online forum and he actually met some folks I had only previously known virtually - nice couple from the UK, among them.

Now granted the only kind of fringe benefits for us are knowing that someday we may be reunited in heaven (or wherever) with the Mad One. (And then there's Elizabeth who gets the cardboard cut-out for her bed, if there's anything left of it after Mimi gets her pins in it).

I did say qualms were "lessened," however. He thinks we're all crazy, but he figures he can't fight it. But I understand what you're dealing with, Eileen. Just don't tell him you met us all on Face Book!

Martha said...

I'll be thinking of you, enviously, from Silver City, New Mexico.

The last time I parked in a NYC garage the fellow looked and looked for New Mexico on the computer, eventually punched Mexico. I said, no, it's NEW Mexico. He said, whadevva, and handed me the ticket.

Have a great time. You'll never get MP into two dimensions.

MB, GTS '76.

QueerforChrist said...


Very happy to report that I have secured us a room on the Close at GTS, adjacent to the Chapel, for a pre-Evensong soiree! We have Matthews Lounge reserved from 4-5:30. If the other New Yorkers in the crowd would care to bring refreshments, I am happy to buy the sherry :)

Many thanks to Ms. Helen Alladin at GTS for allowing us the use of the room, and to Gabe for asking her on our behalf. All he had to do was promise her NOT to leave the effigy behind, so no worries, Rev. K!

Peace! Terry

pj said...

Wow, QFC! You rock! I'll be happy to bring a snacky or two along.

Dennis said...

wow, qfc. thanks. that is so much better than some coffee shop that might chase us out to the sidewalk to get rid of us!

PseudoPiskie said...

Thanks, qfc! I hope they don't mind if we get rowdy. Laughter can be annoying to some. Of course this isn't Trinity so laughter should be familiar.

Allen said...

To repeat and amplify what I said elsewhere, I will be there and my wife Liz is coming too, even though she hardly ever actually looks at a blog, unless I print it out.

QFC, we'll be glad to bring some refreshments. Should we potluck or coordinate?

Dennis said...

now don't bring too much, folks! There is a dinner to follow evensong.

Ann said...

boohoo -- stuck in Wyoming - too far for an overnight in NYC. Hugs all around.

QueerforChrist said...

Too right, Dennis. Maybe we should think of this as a sort of Medium High Tea. I think sherry is mandatory for such events, and Gabe and I will make sure there is tea and hot water and such. If locals could perhaps bring cookies, and others throw a dollar or two in the jar, we should be fine! What do you think, Dennis?

Dennis said...

sounds fab.

I'm pull a bottle of a nice manzanilla from my stockpile and see if I can smuggle it in my luggage.

fleurmagnifique said...

If GTS doesn't have vacancies, there is the Leo House which has Roman Catholic connections but which is open to all. It is near GTS on W. 23rd St. Room rates begin at about $70.00 or $80.00. Wishing you well on your gathering. An irregular lurker.

fleurmagnifique said...

Meant to say infrequent or occasional lurker, not irregular!

Anonymous said...

How fun!

I'll be a continent away, but I can hear you all now:

"You don't look at all like I thought you would!"

"Oh my God you're a GIRL?"

"You're much, er, more mature than I thought!"

"Aren't you going to tell us your real name?"

"Wow, she's HOT!"

"We love Mimi!!"

BTW, those of you with spouses, imagine me, the Atheist, explaining to my beloved, the Catholic, why I hang out with a bunch of Episcopalians on line. Fortunately my beloved is indulgent of my peculiarities.


QueerforChrist said...

Dennis, you read my mind. Only one bottle?

Dennis said...

NOTE that I have added another thread to this blog's main page, asking for restaurant thoughts.

Even if you don't have an idea for a restaurant but want to make a specific request (vegetarian, kosher, halal, low MSG, decent wine list, whatever your requirements might be) that might be a good place to post a comment or two.

Dennis said...

yes, I can see me trying to explain to the GED-challenged Transportation Security people exactly why I am trying to bring a case of glass bottle filled with alcohol on board an airplane.

"but, but, this is my only bottle of 90 vintage Pauillac I have left! And this is a super-Tuscan that you would never appreciate so just let me keep that one. And QFC is just dying to try this little Almacenista from Jerez!"

David said...

Heh. IT has it right ;)

People to me: "You're much, er, more mature than I thought!"

Me to folks about pj, the Doxy & Eileen (and probably others ;) "Wow, she's HOT!"

Me to the whole room as I make a toast: "We love Mimi!!"

clumber said...

>> People to me: "You're much, er, more mature than I thought!"

People to me: Wow! You really are a dog!

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Well, if we're going to have sherry, then we've got the start of high tea.

If I could figure a way how to make them in the GTS kitchen, I'd charm someone into letting me make proper popovers and jam.

Guess it will just have to be scones and butter.

No. Wait. Never mind.

Here I go, slipping right into my Wendy-mode again.

Scratch the high tea.

I'll bring a few bottles of wine and a flask of Bookers.

If "the other" Anonymous comes and starts to get annoying, the plan is this:

Tell her she has to come to the Chatham rectory where she will sleep with me and the cardboard cut out of Maddy.

That'll fix 'er.

If she smiles when you tell her that, then Plan B is that I tell her that she has to sleep with Eileen.

This is going to way much more fun than is absolutely necessary or, in fact, allowed by the policies and protocols of GTS or as being defined, even now, by the Anglican Communion Covenant Design Team.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, dangerous precedent, letting the Internet Tubes cross over into Real Life.

You run the risk of changing it all, changing utterly.


(I'm not sure who "the other" Anonymous is that Elizabeth K. refers to, but am assuming it ain't me. ;-)


eileen said...

Good plan, Elizabeth+! Good plan.

Mmmm, popovers and jam.

Mmmm, scones and butter.

Soo looking forward to this!

Dennis said...

I don't have a count on the pre-evensong gathering, but right now I'm thinking we'll need a reservation for 12 people for dinner. Of course, more are welcome to add their names to the list!

Davis said...

I don't know about this. I was told it was for Anglican bloggers - does that mean the nice people over at Stand Firm and Virtuosity will be there? lol!

Anonymous said...

Did I go to your wedding this summer? You & Gabe both dressed in linen cream; me: tall, blonde awkward wife of Gabe's diaconate friend? Handsome Hugo reading bringing tears to my eyes???
Blessings...even if you are not, on your "new" life! I wish I could be in NYC!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Elizabeth, I'd love to take you up on your offer, but since I have other plans in NYC, I guess I'd better stay in town. Thanks so much for the offer. I'd love to visit you another time.

The prices of hotels are through the roof for the month of October. What's the procedure for getting a room at GTS?

QueerforChrist said...

anonymous (not!) amyj:

If you weren't at our wedding this summer, it would be a helluva coincidence! Thanks for your kind words. Are you coming to the MPF2F?


The rooms at GTS are, err, modest to put it mildly - but they are affordable at approx. $50/night. Perhaps others with more clout than a Junior's Spartner might know more about how to reserve one, but if no one steps up, I am happy to try to find out for all.

Leo House sounds like a *much* nicer option, and at $70/night is a great deal. It is a 2-block walk away. Let me know what you decide! Post to my blog any old where, and I'll email you back.

QueerforChrist said...

AmyJ: One more shout out from Gabe, who wants me to tell you how very grateful we are that you and HJ came to our ceremony. Thanks!

QueerforChrist said...

Mimi and All:

If you would like to send me emails pertaining to this little meetup, or off-topic too, you can do so at Please do so judiciously.

Mimi, no Anti-MP spam, please!

eileen said...

So who will be there?

Dennis & partner
Terry & Gabe
is paul (a.)? coming?

It's party!

QueerforChrist said...


I have done some reconnoitering around the neighborhood and here's what I found out.

First, sadly it appears there is no room in the GTS inn on the 22nd. The Seminary Board of Trustees will have just vacated and I am told it takes at least 24 hours to clean up after them. With only one maintenance and housekeeping person doing the work, it is not likely they will be ready.

Second, more disappointment on the lodging front. Leo House, the Catholic guest house around the corner, is fully booked on that date also, though they did say to call if you want, to see if there are any cancellations. Their number is 212) 929-1010.

The good news is that I stopped by Le Grainne Cafe (which I think is the place Rev K recommended, but it's on 9th not 8th) can probably accommodate us, so long as we give them a count 3-4 days in advance. Their entree prices range from $10 to $18, very reasonable for this neighborhood. They have salads, sandwiches and crepes that are less expensive. Also they are very friendly and French. What more could one want?

Jake said...

I'll be there. And I'll really try not to be too serious. ;) I will be wearing boots, however. You never know when a swift kick may be required.

Class starts at 7, so will have to duck out about 6:45 (if we're at Le Grainne across the street).

BTW, another blogger, Andrew Gerns (Andrew Plus) is in the class. Shall I invite him?

Dennis said...

Jake: Of course invite him!

Note that QueerForChrist and his partner have made arrangements for us to meet in a room at GTS for our pre-evensong gathering.

Tobias Haller said...

Sorry to be joining in on this a bit late -- I've been in and out of town a few times over the last few weeks. I look forward to being with you in or about GTS and environs! I was just there last friday and had the pleasure of meeting Gabe and Terry.


Dennis said...

Excellent news, Fr Tobias!

the Reverend boy said...

I mentioned this on a later thread but this looks like the official "RSVP" station so i'm doing that here too.

I can't make Evensong/Drinks but i can join you for dinner around 7.

RFSJ said...

I just found out about this, and I wanna be part of it too!


Paul (A.) said...

OK, Eileen, you win. I'm in.

The bad news for you (says my wife): She'll be there too, although she may run late coming in through Port Authority after work.

Do we need things like glasses, napkins, paper plates? Or is that what Gabe and queerforchrist will be using the cash jar for? I'll be coming from downtown by subway and can schlep some stuff if needed.

eileen said...

Oooo goody! Mrs. paul (a.) will be coming too! I can get husband training tips from her...

Catherine Ambos said...

Eileen . . .

I'm afraid the tip starts with "Find someone with an open and inquiring mind . . . "

Ms. paul(a)

eileen said...

Catherine pronounces my doom.

My husband is untrainable! Waaah!

Open mind? Bwahahaha!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Allie said...

Sounds like you guys are going to have a blast...

The cardboard cut out sounds great... if someone can get me a good shot I'm all for making it and getting it to someone else in NJ

Paul (A.) said...

Allie, the problem is that MP on his webpage hides behind the image of John Cardinal Newman, along the lines of this sample.

Unless Elizabeth has something more authentic to go on (or if maybe he sent a valentine to Mimi with a snapshot), you might try using one of these as an inspiration.

Allie said...

Yes, I had noticed that MP tends to hide behind the pic of John Cardinal Newman, hense the mention of photos... however, I could definitly have fun with some of those (besides, anything to procrastinate on class work)

Allie said...

anyone have any ideas?

PseudoPiskie said...

Maybe we can bribe one of the Brits to get a photo and send it to us?

Grandmère Mimi said...

Maybe we should go with an effigy of Cardinal Newman. I believe that MadPriest is trying to get fit before he posts a picture. The meds he takes make him gain weight.

This is going to be a priest-heavy gathering. Will we still be able to be bad?

Allie said...

I'm all for a cardboard out, but effigy tends to (but doesn't always) imply 3-d. A cardboard cutout of Cardinal Newman could work... and it would be fun riding companion on the train...

Grandmère Mimi said...

I meant cutout, not a 3D effigy.

Allie said...

Okay, I'll get on it

Allie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Allie said...

So, as I was looking through pictures of Cardinal Newman I noticed that other than one really young one (that would need to be reproduced in color, so no), they are all either profile shots which would be sorta wierd, or are sorta creepy. So I'm thinking to just go with the creepy ones, or the color one of him younger and hope it turns out ok in BW (see paul (a)'s) post.

Also, where are we meeting in the city? Specifically I mean, I've only been to GTS once and that was with a group.

Paul (A.) said...

Allie, Terry (queerforchrist) says upthread that he has secured us the Matthews Lounge. It is close to the chapel in Seabury Hall.

As far as images are concerned, this is more of a front view but we don't know that it is really MP.

Doug @ Don't Blame Me said...

If it's not too late, count me in for the evening.

Paul (A.) said...

MP has given us PICTURES!

Probably the last one, as most recent.

Allie said...

Yeah, but they gonna be sorta hard to blow up, and I already sent a friend who works at Staples one of Newman to blow up.